Back for Good – Running Out Of Planet EP (Mancha10)

Mancha Recordings #10 is a new release by Back for Good. He has made some EPs within the last years and brought out his first Album „Zehn“ in 2014 using his real name Matthias Speck. Back for Good is focused on raw, unpolished electronic cuts with some old school attitude. For the tenth Mancha – release Back for Good got remix support by DJ Overdose AKA Model Man who is very much appreciated for his releases on L.I.E.S, Crème Organization, Unknown to the Unknown and others.

Laurent Garnier: „Loooove Neuanfang Will play a lot
Leftfield: „very interesting and original ep..i like it very much..touch of good 80’s influence..keen on both original tracks.. i can play Neuanfang
Tensnake: thanks – nice one
Sebo K: Cool Vibes – Full Support, Thanks


Back for Good – Sidewalk EP (Turn it Down Music #1)

Mancha Recordings` sublabel „Turn it Down Music“ comes up with its first release. Turn it Down will be mainly focused on releasing music with some kind of „oldschool attitude“. True to the motto: „Everything was better before because most things were worse but we have forgotten it.“


Rik Elmont – The Ugly EP (Mancha9)

After a remix on Aura Karma records for Joel Alter Rik Elmont has made his first own EP on Mancha Recordings. In the past Rik has already released great tracks on several various artits releases on Mancha Recordings. This time all his tracks have been produced with analogue gear only and were recorded using an old akai tape recorder.

Rik Elmont has been DJing and producing for ages. Almost exactly as long he is a firm member of the the nachtdigital festival crew.

You will find Rik Elmont – The Ugly EP (Mancha009) at your favourite record shop.

To say it with Rik´s words: nEVER fORGET tO hAVE some FUN(K)!


Back For Good – Hello Again EP (Mancha8)

After a **aham** short break Mancha is back with a new release. This time it is an EP by Back For Good which is the alias of Matthias Speck, founder of Mancha.

We don´t plan to release music on a monthly basis but we promise not to wait another 6 years for the next ep. You can get this one at any download – portal (including the russian torrents) and on vinyl exclusively at OYE records Berlin.


Martin Hayes, Luvless, M.ono – Summer Anachronisms (Mancha7)

Beeing completely on sun-turkey we felt that we would have to make our own summer – at least with our music. We hope our three sunbeams will bring you well through the dark season as well. Have fun and don ́t forget to put on some sun lotion.

Agnes (perspectiv/resopal red) – „excellent! love the ep!“
Wolf & Lamb – „Really like the Martin Hayes track!“
Xpress 2 (NRK records) – „dope!“
Brothers ́ Vibe – nice one! „Support! “
Tuomas Salmela (Cocoon) – „Luvless comes on strong! Nice Classic Deep House. Will definitely play! Hypnotize is also a pretty nice houzer!“
Till von Sein (Trenton / Morris Audio) – „solid jams, thanks!“
Ekkohaus (Cargo Edition/Liebe Detail) – „nice vibes! Thanks, Ekko“
Swag (version rec) – „very pleasant!“
Roberto Rodrigues (Compost Records) – „Nice Release! Will be playing!“


Luvless – Bloody Hearts E.P. (Mancha6)

We are very glad to have Luvless ́great fresh house tunes on Mancha. Far away from fast moving trends Luvless delivers us music with character and personality.

Robert Owens – „Love the hang track but all are great vibes! “
Osunlade – „Nice and chill, perfect for my radio show“
Dan Drastic – „superdeep – nice!“
XPress2 – „Nice EP with Dance and Hang beeing the stand outs!“
Robert Dietz – „Some gems on Mancha Rec!“
Brothers ́ Vibe – „smooth and sexy – nice work!“


Mancha Recordings – Mancha electronic edition pt.1

After four classic Deep-House releases Mancha Recordings starts a new series, the „Mancha electronic edition“. Although all the tracks on the first Mancha electronic edition have a link to House-Music Mancha Electronic Edition is not solely defined as a house serieses but rather as an (hopefully : ) ) ageless selection of music somewhere between House and Techno. Mancha Electronic Edition Part 1 comes with music by Insect O, Wuttig & Reuter and Audio-Al.


Mancha Recordings – Different Shades Of House Music (Mancha4)

On Mancha Recordings ́4th release the artists Audio-Al & K.Fog, Manuel Gerres, Martin Hayes and Helly Larson interpret house music in their own different ways. Audio-Al & K.Fog ́s „MW movin“ sounds classical with a slight Chicago attitude. „Good time“ by Manuel Gerres is rather more reduced and technoid. The „wasatrain“ by Martin Hayes is inspired by the dirty house stuff from Motorcity and Helly Larson ́s „visions“ shows us the dubby shade of house music.

2000 and one – „nice groovy e.p. – will play “
Jori Hulkkonen – „great compilation! Audio-Al & K.Fog – MW movin works for me“
Guy Gerber – „wasatrain is cool“
Agnes – „Martin Hayes – wasatrain is my favourite, love it!“
Robert Dietz – „Manuel Gerres for me, nice vibe!“
Brothers Vibe – „Martin Hayes – smokin“
Motorcitysoul – “ visions by Helly Larson is outstanding, amazing track! “
The Timewriter- „good time for me here. extremely cool track, really like the wasatrain as well“
Thomas Schumacher – „love it“


Mancha Recordings – Love And Pain (Mancha3)

After the two releases „African Salsa“ and „parte dos“ Mancha Recordings comes up with the third release „love and pain“. On the A-side Rik Elmont ́s tracks „tint“ and „somewhat like love“ come along very rough and playful. Dry sounding, interlaced house- structures allocate both tracks.The tracks on the B-Side are a bit more dubby. Marsmellows and Zero in Something are releasing their first tracks on Mancha Recordings. With its harmonic housy chords „brain damage“ appears like an homage to the summer. Zero in Something ́s „Nattie“ captures this mood and completes the record.

De-Bug – Review at DE:BUG
Luna City Express: – “nice deep-house release! Brain Damage is my favourite!”
Mark August (Innervisions) – ”somewhat like love and nattie are very nice!”
LoSoul – „Interesting kind of house: deep, raw and good!“
Funk D Void – “lovely deep and dubby”
Solumun – “quality house music!”
Manuel Tur – “cool tracks! somewhat like love reminds me of early Dessous releases. Nice!”
Trickski – “Marsmellows is my fav.!”
Âme – “Rik Elmont sounds interesting, thanks!”


Mancha Recordings – Parte Dos (Mancha2)

Helly Larson ́s „red leather“ convices by the sythesis of straight, peppy but always housy sounding rhythmic elements and deep chords. The track “chatter” ties in with that structure and amplifies it by using some well arranged conga elements. Rik Elmont delivers with “chez madame” a felicitous cocktail of dry and firmly sounding house-structures and spirited- maturely Jazz-fragments.

De-Bug – Review at DE:BUG
Jeff Bennett – “red leather is in my playlist”
Trickski – ”Wow love all these tracks!”
Âme(F.Wiedemann) – ”I like the Rik Elmont track”
Akufen – I like “Chez Madame” by Rik Elmont!”
Solumun – “8/10 for red leather”
Milton Jackson – “nice energetic deepness!”
Dan Drastic – “Nice one! Full Support to the guys next door!”


Mancha Recordings – African Salsa (Mancha1)

The theme track “African Salsa” by Audio-Al lives up to its name with its significant conga – percussions. “African Salsa” combines these typically ethnic drum sounds with catchy piano chords and distinctive violin – strings. In Rik Elmont ́s “dirty but saxy” the dry and firmly sounding rhythm – structures in combination with the funny – fresh appearing saxophone sounds will cause a great euphoric mood on the dance-floor. Manuel Gerre´s “Torero” creates a deep going temper and is in the same way groovy and danceable.